Thursday, April 20, 2017

#49 Bathmate Update & 1996 Part One- My Book

A 2 subject episode. First up I give an update on my use of the Bathmate HydroMax and my suggestions to you regarding purchase and usage. Secondly, I discuss the 1996 publication of my novel and a few stories regarding that process.

Let me strongly advise, if there is something you want to do in your life, (i.e. writing, videos, a hobby, a sport) it is NEVER too late. Let the true you emerge and grasp on to life and live every day to its fullest. Nothing should stand in your way. Push yourself toward new experiences. Never regret. Every day when the sun comes up, your life has new opportunities. Don't waste them !

Thursday, April 6, 2017

#48 Stop Laughing ! (creepy story)

A completely different episode of the podcast. If you are just discovering the podcast and haven't heard an episode yet, please listen to one of the other episodes and then come back to this one. This is a creepy story that I wrote many years ago. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, An Older Gay Guy Show has a NEW VIDEO up! Please check out An Older Gay Guy Show on YouTube.

Thanks !