Friday, March 30, 2018

S3 E21 The Life Of A Gay Personal Trainer - Part 1

I have lived a very interesting life as an out and proud Gay Personal Trainer. Along my 33 years (and counting) career I have encountered just about every possible kind of person and situation. In this first part of a two part series, I talk about how I started out and became a Personal Trainer that was known to be gay. I have worked at many gyms and fitness clubs over the years and my choices of my lifestyle created the life I truly wanted.

In part two (next week) I will talk about when I built my own gym downstairs in my house to train clients and started going to people's houses for training sessions. Working exclusively on my own created some very humorous and erotic situations. After listening to this first part, make SURE you DON'T MISS part two, it will make you laugh and shock you with some of the intentions of my clients. (all names changed to protect the innocent.....and guilty!)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

S3 E20 Random Thoughts - DNA

The first in a 'Random Thoughts' episode that discusses some of the crazy and unusual thoughts that infect my mind from time-to-time. In this show, I talk about a truly personal and intimate Valentine's Day gift I received.
Also, an update on the YouTube Channels that are growing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

S3 E19 3 Guys, 1 Tent

Who knew getting bare-assed while camping could be so much fun?!
In this episode, I update you on a few things, and then I get into the awesome tale of when I went camping with 2 buddies. It's a good story, so if you like my Jockstrap will like this!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

S3 E18 Nothing In The Dark

WARNING: If you are SENSITIVE regarding the topic of DEATH, or have had a particular trauma with the death of a loved one, PLEASE SKIP THIS EPISODE. Humor regarding death is within this show. But if you are curious about the Universe and are not bothered by discussing death in detail, please enjoy this trippy, intense, thought-provoking episode about the unknown. This is THE MOST BIZARRE episode I have ever done. Strap yourself down, get a glass of your favorite imbibement and go on this ethereal journey with me. It will be one that will make you laugh and send chills down your spine. Come on board!

Friday, March 2, 2018

S3 E17 Yeah, But Will My Dick Fall Off?

A look at the new CDC guidelines for safe sex. I announce the start of the 'Jockstrap Stories' podcast for my erotic/horror fiction.