Thursday, May 24, 2018

S3 E26 Can You Have A Bromance With An Ex ?

Can gay men have a friendship/bromance with an ex easier than a straight couple? Are you friends with any of your exes? I examine an article by author Jeremy Helligar as a prequel to the episode coming up titled 'Monogamy vs. Open Relationships'.

Don't miss the 'Golden Girls' Trivia Questions at the end of the podcast!

There is a new video on 'An Older Gay Guy Show' YouTube Channel that shows my first (and maybe last?) experience with Waxing My Nose Hair! The video also contains a workout segment and a talk about my frustrations of an aging body. (for Feet Lovers, the last segment has me barefoot with my feet closest to the camera!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

S3 E25 Prince Harry / Ancestry DNA Results / Long-Term Project for my 60's

A chock-full episode. Prince Harry gets married this weekend so I have to say good-bye to a fantasy, my Ancestry DNA results are in with some surprises, and I have decided on a long-term project for when I turn 60 next month !

My thanks to all who reached out to me during the last few weeks when my beloved sister passed. I am very glad to be back doing shows !

Please be sure to check out the 'Jockstrap Stories' Podcast for my gay erotic fiction, and also 'An Older Gay Guy Show' YouTube Channel for new video content !

Thanks everyone !