Wednesday, August 22, 2018

S3 E39 Getting Outside Yourself

This serious episode is the second half of my series on Depression that started with the episode 'Depression: Emotional Eating'. Today I tell you about the serious danger that I was in due to depression after my parent's deaths. I discuss how my depression first surfaced, plans I had made to take my own life and treatment that I sought out to deal with my issues of grief.  But most importantly, I talk about revelations I had during this process that allowed me to view the world in a different way, that ultimately has brought me to the better place I am in these last 20 years or so.

This episode is my personal experiences and opinions. Do not view this as any kind of therapy or professional guidance. If you feel you are depressed or if you ever have suicidal thoughts, please seek out professional help. I have been able to overcome my grief and relationship issues only through professional therapy and prescribed medications. This show is only my personal opinions.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

S3 E38 The Latest in Cosmetic Work for Guys with Kris Venezia - Part One

In today's Sweeps Period episode, I think everyone will find this fascinating. Kris Venezia (from 'The Almost Transition' episode) returns to discuss all the current treatments available for guys who wish to look their best as they age.

Even if you have no interest in having Cosmetic Work done, I think you will find it very interesting.

We talk about Kris' history of Cosmetic Work, we also discuss Fillers, Laser Hair and Spot Removal, Cool Sculpting, how to tell if you might need some Hairline Restoration, and we even touch upon Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump.

This is Part One of a Two Part episode due to the length of the interview. Part Two of this show will air in three weeks. I will do two other episodes first, for those not interested in this subject.

- Joey

Sunday, August 12, 2018

S3 E37 The Blond Shaggy-Haired Surfer Boy with the Darkest Tan and the Brightest Blue Eyes

A Story Episode about my childhood summers growing up on a lake in Maine and my first boyhood crush.

Additionally, I give you some exciting news about my show, some future plans that Paco and I have and I ask you a Vintage TV Trivia Question.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

S3 E36 The Leather Community with Jay Menick

An Interview Show with Mr. Providence Eagle 2017, Jay Menick. Jay gives us insight into the Leather Community, it's clubs, contests and history.

If you have never been a participant in this side of the Gay Community, this episode will give you some surprises. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, Thursday August 9th, I will release a NEW Story Episode called 'Blond Shaggy-Haired Surfer Boy - My First Crush' in which I tell you all about my summers on a lake up North as a tribute to my father. And....I describe my crush's body in vivid detail from the memory of a voyeuristic prepubescent (that's me!), and I also tell you of some future plans that my Husband Paco and I have made.

Look for that episode to be on the air tomorrow at 6:00 pm EDT.

Thanks !!!!
- Joey

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

S3 E35 Depression: Emotional Eating

Sweeps Period begins with this look at Emotional Eating, which is often Over-Eating, and the toll this can take on your body and mind.  If you feel you are Over-Eating or Binge-Eating, please do seek out the many resources that are there to help you.

Additionally, 2 more episodes of the Podcast will be released this week. Look for a Special Interview Show with Jay Menick, Mr. Providence Eagle 2017 on air tomorrow (Wednesday, August 8, 2018) where we discuss The Leather Community, it's past and future. If you have never participated in The Leather Community, please check out this eye-opening interview about the many facets of this gay lifestyle.

Sweeps Period continues on Thursday (August 9, 2018) with a Story Episode.