Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#53 ♬Cause Breakin’ Up is Hard To Do ♬ - Part Two

My first 'buzzed' episode, as my husband Paco and I celebrated the first day of Summer out on our deck with some wine. LOL

In this episode, Part-Two of a Three-Part Series, I discuss an article about the most common relationship mistakes that gay guys make. These factors might be some of the reasons for break-ups that we have all experienced. I also request YOUR input for Part-Three of the Series that will be coming later in the Summer.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

#52 ' ♬Cause Breakin’ Up is Hard To Do ♬ - Part One

Part One of a 3-part series about Gay Relationships and Break-Ups. In this first episode, I begin to tell you about my personal relationship experiences and then discuss an article called 'Gay and Can't Find a Partner?' that lists reasons why gay relationships might be doomed from the outset.

Part Two will conclude my personal story and will discuss an article called 'Top 7 Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make'.

And in the newly planned Part Three, will be a discussion about listener's stories about break-ups and we will try to figure out how we move forward in our relationships in a healthy, satisfying way. (future episode- no date set)