Tuesday, September 25, 2018

S3 E41 The Latest in Cosmetic Work for Guys with Kris Venezia - Part Two

This year's Sweeps Period concludes with the 2nd Part of my conversation with Kris Venezia about what is new in the areas of cosmetic work available for guys.

This is not a suggestion or endorsement for you to run out and get cosmetic work, but for many older guys, especially those who have suffered from the effects of HIV and the powerful drugs that are taken to keep it at bay, this information is important. With some, it could even be life-saving, as the depression and isolation people often feel can take its toll on the psyche.

In this second half, we discuss Cool Sculpting, Gastric Bypass and Hair Pieces (and those in Hollywood that wear them!) So sit back and enjoy this insider's look at the world of cosmetic work.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

S3 E40 Self-Doubt vs. Confidence - Impostor Syndrome

At the request of a listener from British Columbia, Canada regarding his self-doubt as he takes a new position running a sports team, we look at two self-esteem philosophies: The Peter Principle and Impostor Syndrome. Now while these theories can be viewed as a negative source of esteem, when coupled with a more applicable and positive method of coping with self-esteem that we talk about in the second half of today's episode, we can assess our self-doubt easier when looking at this subject from various points of view. The episode concludes with a basic tenant of success that we can all apply in times of indecision and uncertainty.

A Vintage TV Trivia Question is posed at the start of the show and the answer is given in the concluding minutes of the podcast.

Thanks so much for joining me today !
- Joey