Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Big Announcement

I'm excited ! (Aren't I always ?!) I am announcing a BIG upcoming show. Don't miss out ! Give this a quick listen........

Saturday, January 12, 2019

S4 E1 Why Are Young Gay Guys Such Dickwads ?

The first episode of Season 4 comes via an email I received from a very nice gentleman in Australia. It has prompted a discussion on why young gay guys are so unkind and mean. As always, this is based on my opinions and my experience. I hope it can prompt some thoughts.

The Vintage TV Trivia Question of the week is a fun reflection on The Dick Van Dyke Show from the 1960's.

I am looking for guests for this season. If you feel you have a story to tell that relates to the older gay community, please contact me and let me know you'd like to come on. It is a pre-recorded interview that can be edited, so please have no fears about doing the show. It will be fun and relaxing. Contact me via: AnOlderGayGuyShow@gmail.com

Saturday, December 29, 2018

S3 E49 Guys Midnight Naked Dancing Around A Mayan Temple

In this final episode of Season 3, I tell you the story of my first visit to Mexico in my 20's in 1985, and the hot and bizarre encounter I had with a group of partying Mexican straight young guys. This is a story I shall never forget and I want to share it with you this New Year's Eve.

Friday, December 21, 2018

S3 E48 Guys Flexing Their Muscles

In this 3rd to the last episode of Season 3, I am re-booting one of the episodes that I used to have in my back catalog that I removed due to 'panicking' about it one day. LOL (sometimes these things happen where I don't trust my own judgement!).

It begins with a short true-to-life, somewhat erotic story and then I give a detailed explanation as to how guys flex their muscles and pose and the intense preparation for a Bodybuilding Contest. This is an insider's look into a world that most people will never see. From posing trunk selection, to entire body shaving, I think you'll find this interesting (and somewhat hot!).

Thanks for listening. If you like it, please subscribe to the show. And don't forget the TWO YouTube Channels now for my personal workout life and my activities with my husband Paco.

'GymTrainerJOEY' on YouTube
'An Older Gay Guy Show' on YouTube.

Thanks guys !!!!
- Joey

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

S3 E47 Joey & Paco Get Wasted

Bonus episode! As promised, as a 'thank you' for those that have given me 100+ 5-Star Ratings on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, this is an episode that is comprised of 3 different times my husband Paco and I sat down after smoking/drinking and recorded some fun and laughs. This episode touches on the following subjects: Classes we have taken together, Sophia Petrillo's wig, How weird is it that we can 'own' animals? and Blueberry picking fail.

Plus, this episode has 2 TV/Film Trivia Questions, and these are for current/just a few years old questions for my younger listeners.

I hope you enjoy this episode. If people like it we might do a couple per season.
- Joey

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

S3 E 46 How Long Is Thanksgiving Day ?

My infamous annual episode about how to survive, and thrive, during Thanksgiving and the approaching Holiday Season. (This is from my 'Beginner Diet and Fitness Show' Podcast)

I hope you enjoy !

Happy Thanksgiving!

My best,
- Joey

Sunday, November 11, 2018

S3 E45 A Fluff Episode

An unedited extended episode where I speak about what is going on in my life (that I hope you find interesting).

I talk about:

Paco Baking
An Owl Spotting Meet-up
Our Unusual Thanksgiving Plans
Matt Damon and 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' and 'The Martian'
Changing Gyms
Our New Business
The Halloween Experience of 2018

Again, this is unedited because the last episode was so tightly edited that it sounded like I was hyper. This is a more relaxed conversation.

Please let me know what you think of this relaxed format. Do you like the (reasonably) edited shows, or this kind of informal conversation (with mouth sounds, which is hard to prevent and everything) ??


Thanks for listening !
- Joey